Fiction Thoughts – Desolate (Novella)

by Jamie Downes

Author – Robert Brumm Jr.

Genre – Sci-fi, Horror

Published – 2011

Length – 93 Pages

Synopsis – A remote island prison for the most heinous of criminals is exposed to a horrifying twist of fate.

Desolate is a wholly appropriate title for Robert Brumm Jr.’s debut novella, as not only does it provide a most suitable description of both the story’s ice-devoured location and self-demolished protagonist, but also a more than adequate representation of how the reader is likely to feel throughout its metaphorically mangled pages. For almost every conflict-ridden exchange between the wicked and the wretched, it seems as irrelevant as it does impossible to consciously pick a preferred victor. The consequential no-man’s land may appear to be a miserable place to observe events from, but while it’s certainly far from pleasant, it does provide a surprisingly fascinating vantage point, one that leads to an interesting moral inquisition upon the realisation that unwitting steps have moved you closer to one of whichever two evils are in opposition. The intricacies and interactions of the characters themselves do sometimes appear confined by the lack of elaboration a novella allows, but the thick, hazy atmosphere holds it all together somehow, enveloping the reader in its world of dire straits and vicious intentions.

Final Thoughts

Reading about the reprehensible element of the human race’s struggle for survival is an absorbing and sometimes challenging experience. Such is the thought provoking indecisiveness caused by its themes, the well-constructed narrative of Desolate could almost be considered a bonus.

Desolate is available to purchase as a Kindle download from Amazon UK here.


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