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Fiction Thoughts – The Turtle Boy (Novella)

by Jamie Downes

Author – Kealan Patrick Burke

Genre – Adventure, Horror

Published – 2005 (Kindle Edition – 2010)

Length – 79 Pages

Synopsis – A young boy’s summer holiday takes a horrifying twist after he encounters a stranger feeding his feet to the large turtles residing in a local pond.

Bram Stoker Award winner The Turtle Boy makes you comfortable, colours you interested, then abruptly punches you in the face. Not with a friendly schoolboy jab, but with a stinging blow of pent-up adult ferocity, guaranteed to force the wind from one’s sails and change an entire perception of the previously benign work now viciously assaulting the familiar innocence of childhood adventure. But while the sudden change in mood may be startling, the dark clouds are unable to dampen the intrigue which gathers pace with every new raindrop, hurtling towards an ending that may chill the person, but will almost certainly grab the reader; no doubt pulling unerringly towards subsequent entries in the series.

Final Thoughts

With superlative, atmospheric description, clever building of characters and immaculate pacing, Kealan Patrick Burke’s novella is an outstanding read with a grip to surely rival that of the inhabitants lurking in Myers Pond’s murky depths.

At the time of writing, ‘The Turtle Boy’ is available as a free Kindle download from Amazon UK, here. Snap it up while you can…

Yes, I used a pun. My apologies are genuine. Honest.