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Creative Writing: Vocal Affects

I am currently in the process of restoring life to A Lonely Ghost Burning (a music website I’ve been running, then ignoring for about a year now), but before the project got rolling, I had initially intended for it to be focussed solely on interesting vocalists, as it is they who really get me excited about music. This is a poem I wrote at the time to try and somewhat abstractly explain what the site was going to be about. I never really used it for anything in the end, but having just stumbled across it again, I thought I’d post on here.

That song,
It’s special.
There may not be a perfect explanation as to why,
But it moves you.
The voice.
THAT voice.
Waves of natural talent,
They must emanate from the soul.

One line in particular,
You wait for it with bated breath.
The words.
THOSE words.
They break your heart.
They fill you with hope.
They make you believe.

The combination.
THAT voice.
THOSE words.
They cry to be heard.
And again,
And again.

Here’s as perfect an example as one could wish for…