About Cherry-Faced Fool

Hello. Welcome to Cherry-Faced Fool!

I’m Jamie. I have neither an overly red complexion nor a small piece of fruit covering the frontal section of my skull. This blog was actually named after a line of dialogue in the greatest sitcom ever made. It’s called Frasier. You should watch it.

My original plan for the blog was just to review media. I enjoy reading, writing, point-and-click adventure games, other games, film, TV dramas and sitcoms, and believed that I’d be more likely to experience these things if I had a place to discuss them. I’m strange like that. I’m strange in many other ways too, as demonstrated by my continual insistence that pro wrestling is great.

Wait…please don’t run. I have no intention of discussing wrestling here. Promise.

New reviews will still likely appear on here from time-to-time, but I’ve now started to put my creative musings up as well. Writing is the one thing I can see myself doing long term, although I have become notoriously unfocused over the last five years. I’m trying to coax myself into working harder, procrastinating less, and generally just spending my time productively. It’s a painfully slow process.

Anyway, it would be excellent were you to gain any enjoyment or insight from my posts here. Please do comment if you feel so inclined.



PS. I also run a music reviews website – A Lonely Ghost Burning. I write only about the albums/EPs/demos that I like, so any record on the site has my seal of approval; whatever pitiful amount that may be worth…

If you do find the time and inclination to take a look at it, let it be known that I appreciate your kindness/pity a great deal.


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