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A Lonely Ghost Burning: Compilation Curation

I’ve posted on here before about my music website, A Lonely Ghost Burning. Initially an unsuccessful reviews outlet, I decided a few months back to drastically change the format, and I’m excited about how it is turning out. Pretty much paralysed with fear about how people will perceive it, but excited nonetheless.

Instead of reviewing the under-the-radar albums, EPs and demos that I think deserve extra exposure, I am now putting together free, downloadable compilations featuring tracks from these records. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but it does place the emphasis on the music itself which is exactly the way I believe it should be.

I’m two releases in, and have persuaded an array of hugely talented artists/bands to get involved. It is early days, and adequately promoting the project is a task I am still getting to grips with, but I believe there is scope for success. The feedback received thus far suggests so too, although it only mildly helps to quell the terror of people arriving on the website. Not that I have anything but complete belief in those featured, you understand, but purely because I’m concerned about how people will react to my own role in the project. I’m sure many will be familiar with the following sequence of events;

“I’ve done well here. I want people to see this.”

“Oh shit! Oh shit! People are seeing this!”

Cue mild hyperventilation.

My own insecurities aside, if, like me you have a thing for distinctive vocals, the second collection, released earlier this week, may just be for you. Titled ‘Beautiful Songwriting’, it features music from Isobel Anderson / Gar Clemens / Hollie April / Natalie Evans / Race To The Sea / New Born / Hana Zara / David Ronnegard / Down Like Silver / Aphir / Vienna Ditto.

ALGB 002 (Cover)

The compilation is available for download, free of charge via the website –

The first release was an alt/punk collection featuring music from The Radio Reds / Save Ends / White City / The Uprising / Ghost Thrower / The Hard Aches / Colour Me Wednesday / Tiger Bell / Sweatshop Boys / Zero The Hero / Rivals / Little Big League / Mixtape Saints / The Hallingtons / Summerhill.

Cover Art

This is also available for download, free of charge via the website –

If either of these sound like your cup of tea, please do take a look and have a listen – it would be great to hear what you think!


A Lonely Ghost Burning Review: Vienna Ditto

My latest music review for A Lonely Ghost Burning is of Vienna Ditto’s sophomore EP, Liar Liar. I suggest the record to be for fans of accessible trip-hop, becoming lost amongst the stars, chill-out chic, and quiet night-time moments. It’s quite superb, and available for free, so I would strongly recommend checking it out if it sounds like something you might be into.

vienna ditto - liar liar‘If Liar Liar is any indication, the splendid Vienna Ditto could be the famed house band at the most progressive of western saloons, the swankiest of jazz clubs or the trendiest of futuristic space bars.’

If interested, the full review (and link to the download) can be found here.

A Lonely Ghost Burning Review: Rockets On Wire

This is a the first paragraph of a review I’ve written for my music zine, A Lonely Ghost Burning. I would be incredibly grateful to anyone who follows the link and checks the site out. I only review music I like, and the styles featured range from alternative to simply beautiful. It’s also a much more professional effort than Cherry Faced Fool.

At times, I Am Not Your Home manages to be just about as wrist-slit raw as it gets. Take the innocuously titled Rose, for example, a track which offers the following insight into a seemingly much-troubled psyche, “I’m wishing myself into car accidents / And I keep praying to Gods that I break my f*****g limbs.” Such moments are where the voice of lead-singer Marie Mayes, sweet enough to break any heart, turns gravelly and venomously purposeful; an unsuppressed release of uncontrollable hurt that no barrier could hope to withhold.

Here is the link to the full review. Again, if you find the time to take a look, I’d be hugely thankful!